Watermelon Pumpkin 4" Broomstick (6pk)

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To catch even the most sly bass you need to try our new exclusive Broomstick lure, a 4” lure that combines the best of both the classic stick worm and fantail. The tail will twitch and flick as it swims and it is buoyant enough to allow for a slow fall, meaning you will spend most of the time in the strike zone. This is the perfect lure for shaky heads and Neko and can also be fished on Texas rig. Need more convincing? The Broomstick is infused with our signature 99 Strikes Striking Scent, sure to catch the attention of any ‘big ones’ in the area.

MEASUREMENTS: 4" (6 per bag)

BEST RIGGED: Weightless, Texas, Neko, Wacky, Trailer, Shaky Head

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