VooDoo Color Shifting Rusty Bullfrog Craw (6 pk)

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For action fish can't resist, get the Rebel Craw. A more compact lure that provides really great flapping action perfect for attracting bass. The larger body makes it easy to rig and the thin arms that reach into a thicker edge provide the flapping motion the fish desire. 

Color Shifts from Copper to Green

MEASUREMENTS: 3.4″ (6 per pack)

BEST RIGGED: Texas Rigged, Jig Trailer, Carolina Rigged, and on a Shakey Head

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mike W.

First time using these caught several bass biggest went 5lb 2oz great action and the color is awesome will buy more

Shane C.

3/8 Green pumpkin jig paired with the rusty bullfrog rebel off a lay down .

Dale S.

I was impressed with this new color , haven’t seen it before can’t wait to use it 🎣👍

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