Burnt Orange 5" Core Shot Stick Worm (7pk)

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The 5" Core Shot Worm is an essential item in most tackle boxes, a highly versatile bait commonly referred to as a stick bait. The worm has a semi-transparent exterior and colored core, giving off a vibrant effect when struck by light. These worms can be rigged several different ways; wacky rig, Texas and Carolina rig, shaky head, ned rig...it is no wonder this is the oldest and most-used soft bait in the fishing world.  


BEST RIGGED: Texas Rigged, Weightless, Wacky Rigged, Carolina Rigged, or Drop Shot

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wesley Jones
Never have full stock on your worms

I have been ordering here a few times love the worms and colors but I want to order alot and I can only get certain ones and only a pack or two. The inventory needs some work

Michael Brandon

Light up the bass and leave them toasted with burnt orange color. Impressive reaction strikes.

charles m.

They work very well!

John L.

I haven’t used the worms yet, but the color and detail is unbelievable! I can’t wait to skip it under a dock!

Brady D.

Basking not help themselves with a different variation of a fantastic color bait. Something new to them.

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The 5" Stick Worm is an essential item in most tackle boxes, a highly versatile bait