VooDoo Mystic Ice 5" Jerkbait Premium Series (6pk)

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Providing both a realistic profile and desirable split-tail design, the new Frantic Jerkbait is perfect for quick and easy catches. You can use this bad boy however you'd like: rig it up with or without weight, on a dropshot setup, as a spinnerbait trailer, behind a jig head... whatever you desire. Fish it fast or slow, take it top or deep, whatever way you go you will see results!


BEST RIGGED: Dropshot, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Davie Jones
Love 99 Strikes.

Love the Exclusive baits.

Tim c

Very very nice product the perfect bait for pretty much any occasion and now with every color you could think of in a single bait..unfortunately being from Wisconsin we have ice so can't try but think about taking chainsaw an cut a line to make a cast lol

Heath M.

99 Strikes swimbaits work plain and simple. Any color you get will produce. The smallmouth have been munching on them all year for me.

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