Camo 6.25” Diamond Tail Worm (6pk)

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If it's bass you want, then it's the 6.25” Diamond tail worm you need!

This new worm features a flat belly side to easily glide through the water and a ribbed top to send vibrations as it moves, making it easy to find for bass. The worm also holds a thinner profile in the middle and spaded bulb at the end, adding plenty of movement that bass love.

MEASUREMENTS: 6.25" (6pk)

BEST RIGGED: Shaky Head, Texas Rig, and Wacky Rigged

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Davie Jones
Great bait

Absolutely love the camo worms. Can not wait to land a 5lber.

christopher b.

Awesome flake works great Texas rig .

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