Watermelon Core Shot 5" Stick Worm (7pk)

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The 5" Watermelon Core Shot Worm is an essential item in most tackle boxes, a highly versatile bait commonly referred to as a stick bait. The worm has a semi-transparent exterior and colored core, giving off a vibrant effect when struck by light. These watermelon worms can be rigged in several different ways; wacky rig, Texas and Carolina rig, shaky head, ned rig...it is no wonder this is the oldest and most-used soft bait in the fishing world.  


BEST RIGGED: Texas Rigged, Weightless, Wacky Rigged, Carolina Rigged, or Drop Shot

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
James Randall
Great color and price

These did great for me in TX waters. Tried watermelon/red flake magnums, black/red flake 5”, and watermelon/red flake 5” (all as Texas rig). Didn’t get a single nibble, switched to these and within 3 casts I caught a largey and proceeded to catch 10 more. They seem a bit stiff and not very scented. Broke 2 of them. Next I’m going to try them as a wacky rig.

Jose Farias
Bass have never seen this color way!

Best stick bait that I’ve used in a while! Definetly wish I bought more, but I had to try them out first and did not disappoint!!!

Michael Speaks

Can’t wait to try them out

Great product

I just received, I can't wait to get out there and try them out

Michael Blackford
Awesome Product

Woorks Great!

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5" Stick Worm

The 5" Stick Worm is an essential item in most tackle boxes, a highly versatile bait