2" Bubble Gut Paddle Minnow (20pk)

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The 2" Bubble Gut Paddle Minnow is a fantastic lure for any fishing enthusiast. With a length of 2 inches and a quantity of 20pk, this lure is perfect for attracting target fish. The luminous pigment in the lure will make it glow in the water, while the different colors of glitter in the body will reflect light and attract fish. The miniature shad soft bait body with a straight T-tail creates a wiggle, twitches swim action, making it irresistible to crappie and other fish. Additionally, the Special Infinity Plastic used to create the lure is incredibly durable and flexible, making it resistant to fish bites. With multiple color options and easy attachment, the 2" Bubble Gut Paddle Minnow is an excellent choice for any fishing trip.

  • 2" Length
  • 20pk
  • Made with Infinity Plastic (do not mix with regular plastic lures)

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews

Got nibbled on by dinks all day with these and only went through two plastics. Definitely tough and work great

Christopher Lee
Small and stable.

I bought 3 colors. Pink, Green, and orange. I caught crappies mostly from the pink jig. I will try it again soon. Seems to hold onto the hook pretty good. Definitely worth the try.

Donald Berg
They look nice just have not had a chance to use them.

Look good just not had a chance to use them.

Taylor Hill
Awesome product

I love the action of these things! They work great!


Very satisfied with purchase! They work great!

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